Dubai As A Study Abroad Destination In Uae

Growing over the years as a potential education hub, Dubai has indeed transformed itself into one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. Students from all around the globe are looking up to study in UAE as the top universities in Dubai are giving a tough competition to many top-notch world ranking universities.


From a time when it was just isolated deserts and after being established as a metropolitan city has resulted in Dubai's swift recovery and proficiency. Students want to study in UAE and pursue all the more for Dubai as it has become the most technologically advanced area in the region. High standard of living, top industries like retail, estate, and entertainment are just the tip of the iceberg that Dubai is in the education domain!


The reputation of Dubai as a study abroad destination has not only increased the international student numbers but also sparked great interest among the multi-national companies to set up their branches in the region. With such high education standards and limitless opportunities for a bright career with big names in the industry, no wonder students wish to study in UAE, thus, making it a clever and long-term investment.


Apart from these perks, UAE also happens to be a very hospitable, safe and secure destination where student life is the most vibrant and dynamic. The cities are laden with a myriad of events, cultural and art shows, world-class performers for entertainment. Choosing to study in UAE is never going to be a decision that you will ever regret either in the student life or the one after!


Why study in Switzerland?

study in Switzerland

Being a postcard-perfect country, Switzerland offers iconic Swiss Alps, lush green pastures and scenic blue lakes at the backdrop for a brilliant academic life that makes international students from all around the world choose to study in Switzerland for a variety of reasons.


Let us look closely to understand why you should study in Switzerland:


1. The country offers four native languages- French, German, Italian and Romansh, not to forget the English which makes it a great multilingual destination to hone your taste for linguistics while you study in Switzerland.


2. Students choose to study here because of the perfect blend of rural charm with urbanity resulting from the mesmerizing architecture of country's historic castles, advanced facilities, and cutting-edge technology.



3. How can we forget about the ski? No place other than Switzerland, if you want to snowboard and ski. Students are eligible for a year-long ski pass to some of the world’s best slopes. Undoubtedly, Switzerland is the mecca for a winter sports lover!



4. The unbeatable public transportation system in the country offers easy access to major cities, including Berne, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, and Lugano, as well as to other parts of Europe. This is a big catch here to study in Switzerland as students can travel not just in swiss but other European areas as well!



5. Last but not the least, the country is home to some of the world's finest institutions for higher education grabbing top spots in the areas of engineering, technology, and science. No wonder, Switzerland has CERN and a whopping 31 Nobel Laureates.

Why Do Students Choose To Study In Singapore?

In this current age of rapid growth and development, the industry and the market sees a swiftly evolving trend that requires a solid skill set on the students' part. Those aspiring to study abroad for their higher education must keep it in mind while making course, country, and university selections that their destination offers them the best global experience.


Singapore tends to resonate with the above-mentioned idea well for there are very few countries today that have a capacity and means to keep a harmonious balance between contemporary global advancement and the conventional roots. A large number of students from around the world choose to study in Singapore for its vibrant cultural diversity and the holistic approach to global education. The universities of Singapore are one the best and top ranked in the global ranking systems. The country has undoubtedly created its image of unique innovation and offering the study abroad aspirants best of higher education coupled with real-life project scenarios.The expertise of the subject matter that lies with the faculty in universities makes it a double advantage for students to gain as much learning experience as they can because it is indeed unparalleled anywhere in the world.


The students are offered a wide range of subject areas to study in Singapore without any scope for stress because the lion city has so much to offer in the extra-curricular ranging from, arts and cultural events, theatre, music, food etc. Studying in Singapore doesn't come with a heavy price tag due to brilliant scholarship offers that make the road an easy journey to travel. There leaves not an iota of doubt that Singapore is an ideal study abroad destination if you are looking to pursue your higher education from overseas!


Top Universities To Study In Usa

Be it your next vacation or a plan to look for a job overseas, the United States of America is and always has been the prime choice of destination for thousands all over the world. So let us ask you a question- Are you too planning to study in USA?


Because the USA is the top study abroad destination in the world owing to its finest universities and state of the art infrastructure. Every year a large number of students who are aspiring to pursue their higher education from overseas choose to study in USA and the reasons are not so uncommon to figure out:


1. Excellent higher education curriculum


2. Global academic infrastructure


3. World's top-ranked universities


4. Excellent job opportunities


5. Global cultural experience


With these reasons highlighted, it is easy to see why international students choose to study in USA, so let us look at some of the top universities that not only offer global academic experience but great scholarship programs as well allowing students with a better study abroad experience further.


The United States of America is known worldwide for its huge cluster of universities forming a part of the country's excellent academic infrastructure with a total count of about 4000 universities. Almost all of these institutions of higher education carry great influence on the global education front offering the best education to students. However, it is noteworthy that 48 universities of the top 200 entries listed in the QS QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017 are from the United States of America. The following list of top 10 universities will surely help you choose where to study in USA:


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


2. Stanford University


3. Harvard University


4. California Institute of Technology


5. University of Chicago


6. Princeton University


7. University of California


8. Yale University


9. Cornell University


10. Johns Hopkins University


Scholarships In Uk

The decision to study abroad could be made in the blink of an eye but there are other things to consider as well before making such a transition. One such preparatory step is that of the tuition fees which can be a bit on the higher side to study in UK. Seen from a bigger perspective, the cost of education in the UK is subject to the influence of a developed and established an economy that the country represents. But that shall not deter study abroad aspirants to pursue their higher education anyhow.

The high costs of education are compensated by dispensing of various scholarships and other funding prospects by not only the government of UK but Non-governmental organizations and individual universities as well. This gives the race for scholarships rather a competitive edge because these scholarships not only aim to increase the influx of international students but also the most talent layer. This is the reason why majority scholarships to study in UK are available for postgraduate and higher level of education.

The scholarships that are awarded to study in UK are segregated into two types- University specific and Chevening/Commonwealth scholarships. The university specific scholarships are offered by particular universities of the UK like Bristol University International Scholarships, Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships, Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students, Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students, and much more. The scope of these scholarships can range from full-funds to partial-funds. Whereas, the Chevening Scholarships are funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partner organizations awarded for masters programs.


Some of the top universities to study in UK, that often held in high regard by top employers of the world are Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and Oxford among others.

Living Expenses In Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that is today looked upon by international students as a great study abroad destination. Every year many students arrive in the country to pursue their higher education and experience life in a global set up. However, there are numerous reasons why you would want to study in Malaysia but let us begin by the most important:


Living Expenses while you study in Malaysia are basically the costs incurred on different things while living in a city by an international student. It can be about RM1,800 (US$450) per month. This expense can be broken down further into:


1. Accommodation: Depending on the area where you choose for your accommodation while you study in Malaysia, it could cost between RM300 (US$75) to RM600 (US$150) per month. The rental will again vary according to the type of accommodation like whether it is on-campus or off- campus apartment, condominium, single-story house, double-story house, etc. There are various other facilities also that are provided in the house like air-conditioning, laundry etc. The rents can also vary with the sharing of rooms or the apartment or house.


2. Housekeeping includes your food expenses as well while you study in Malaysia and can be anywhere around RM600-900 (US$150- 225). The expenses for three meals a day can be RM20-30 (US$5- 7.50) where it would surely become cheaper if students can cook themselves or share the expenses with roommates.


3. Laundry like other expenses is also nominal and includes washing, ironing, dry-cleaning by costing you around RM60 (US$15) per month.


4. Transportation for students who decide to put up on campus or in an area near the campus is no accountable, however, other expenses may be approximated to RM80-150 (US$20-37.5) per month.


5. Personal Expenditure wil largely vary with your lifestyle and can be approximated to anywhere between RM100 (US$25) and RM200 (US$50) which includes toiletries, haircut, apparels, movies, etc.

The students planning to study in Malaysia must keep in mind that this cost analysis might vary with the location you decide to live in along with the lifestyle you pursue but this should give you an overall idea.


Living In New Zealand

New Zealand is a great study abroad destination popular among international students for what it has to offer not only in terms of world class education but the extra- curricular as well. The country bags second place in the world for being the most peaceful places which give it special points to make you want to study in New Zealand.

The cities of New Zealand offer a great exposure like the capital city of Wellington with its cultural hubs like museums, operas, ballets and much more. Auckland is also a well-known location globally to live in while you study in New Zealand as it is the biggest city in the country. Auckland is surrounded by hilly forests and has two harbors making it one the world's most liveable cities in the world. There are other cities like Christchurch in Canterbury, Hamilton in Waikato, Tauranga in Bay of Plenty, and Napier-Hastings in Hawk's Bay that international students prefer to choose to stay while they pursue their higher education in the country.

Apart from that, there are many other perks of enjoying it while you study in New Zealand like the expenses of your outings for a day in national parks, camping etc are free. There are many programs that include your meals with host families with whom you would live while studying in New Zealand. Auckland and Wellington offer numerous cultural events, festivals, and trips to museums that do not cost a dime to students.

Also, there is no bar on the time of year to join your studies in New Zealand while the universities offer many student programs like summer, semester or full year exchange programs that can include short trips to other countries to enhance your study abroad experience. The best experience you can get while you study in New Zealand is learning alongside local and indigenous students and getting to know about the social, political, ecological setup. We are sure you are going to have a great experience while studying in New Zealand.


Top 5 Universities To Study In Italy

Italy has been regarded as one of the top centers of higher education since ancient times and is known to have contributed much to world heritage not only in terms of art and culture but science and technology as well. This serves to propel us about finding those centers of education that find their home in Italy and know about them. Therefore, today we have bring you a short list of top 5 universities to study in Italy.

It is noteworthy that out of 30 universities in Italy, 14 of them find their place in the world's top 500 according to QS World University Rankings 2018.

Politecnico di Milano is the highest-ranked university in Italy placed at 170th position and is well known for its art and engineering courses. If you possess a flair for technology and wish to study in Italy then this university has got just the right subjects on the top. According to QS ranking 2018, mechanical engineering is placed at 29th, civil and structural engineering along with architecture at 14th while art and design together at 7th! If you ask the credibility then be it known that alumni of this university, celebrated chemist Giulio Natta, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963.


University of Bologna stands at the world rank of 188th and with that claims to be the first universities to be established in Italy. It is one of the prime leaders in imparting global education and also names the Bologna Process which is the present academic system in Italy spread across the Europe for its convenience.


Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa was established in 1800s by a Napoleonic decree and now ranks at 192 in the world. Although it is a comparatively small university with just 500 students but is widely recognised for it courses on physics and astronomy with highest research citations per faculty member. A perfect place for budding astronomers to study in Italy.


Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Pisa also stands jointly at 192nd place this year and has emerged out of the pre-existing instituions. Rising quickly to establish itself as leader in global educaiton, this university concerns itself with applied sciences and is a part of Pisa University System.


Sapienza University of Rome is again one of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1303. It is the also one of the largest European universities with over 110,000 students enrolled currently out of which more than 6000 are international students. This is a one of the brilliant universities to study in Italy as it accounts for atleast six Nobel laureates!


Higher Education In Ireland

The idea of pursuing higher education from overseas is in itself adventurous and gives a rush to anybody who aspires to experience the seas beyond their lands. Imagine living and studying in a country with mesmerizing lush green countryside, vast fertile farmlands for pasture,big mountains and beautiful coasts. Congratulations, you just had a mental tour of Ireland! That is the exact reason why this 2nd largest island of all the British isles is called the Emerald Isle of Europe. We are sure that is enough to make you want to study in Ireland but let us explore more.


Named after a goddess of this country's sovereignty, Ireland has much to offer when it comes to its globally recognized education system and top universities. It is no joke when we say that Ireland is home to one of the world's finest academic culture because country's oldest and still functioning university- Trinity College Dublin was established more than 400 years ago. Therefore to study in Ireland is akin to experiencing an age old history and learning.


The Ireland's academic infrastructure is divided into Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary/Higher Education. The country has made it compulsory to receive the primary level of education beginning from six years of age to sixteen years till the completion of three years of secondary level along with one Junior Certificate examination. This clearly reflects the level of importance and focus that the government of Ireland puts in its education sector. Your decision to study in Ireland will prove to be very beneficial in the long run considering the wonderful 'stay back option' offered by the Irish government; it allows students an extension for 24 months especially Indians and look out for job prospects after completing their studies.

Top Cities For Students To Live In France


Known for their strict adherence to language, France is the most popular country among the non-English speaking cluster of the world. To study in France is equivalent to experiencing global education in style and culture! France is a beautiful European nation full of exquisite culture along with an unparalleled taste in arts and linguistics that will make any student fall for this country in one go. The nation has become the fourth most popular study abroad destination owing to its commitment to provide world class education to the those who wish to study in France.

Therefore, in the wake of this, it is important to know about the top student cities to live in while you prepare to study in France. Let us have a look at top 4 cities:


PARIS: Ranked as number 2 in the QS world's best student cities, Paris is also the capital city of France and the most popular tourist attraction. Living in Paris while you study in France will give you an opportunity to experience and savor the endless boulevards, museums and cafes!


LYON: Located strategically in the French Alps close to Swiss and Italian border, living in Lyon to study in France comes with all the perks a student can desire for. Lyon bags the second spot on our list of best student cities and also carries a title of the culinary capital of France. Bonus points for being a cheaper stay than Paris and keeps your budget in check!


TOULOUSE: With Atlantic and Mediterranean around this city, this city attracts thousands of international students to study in France. Home to some of the finest and oldest universities of the world (13th century), Toulouse is blessed with an awesome weather. No wonder the city is Europe's largest aerospace hub.


MONTPELIER: Drop all options and head straight towards this city which has one-third of its population as students. Montpelier offers a close vicinity to Mediterranean shores, perfect sand and sunshine with wonderful beach cuisine. A perfect place to live if you wish to study in France as it complements your taste for travel too. And do not forget about the city being home to world's best universities like University Paul-Valery Montpelier III.

Student Cities Of Germany

The foremost reason why students aspiring for higher education overseas choose to study in Germany is the fact that German universities do not charge any tuition fees which helps them to cut down their high costs of education. Secondly, German universities have now started offering their degree programmes in English. Therefore German universities and degrees apart from being globally well recognized, international students have all the more reasons to pursue their studies from Germany.



Next comes an integral part of a student's preparation to study abroad- Student cities. Every city worldwide has got some key characteristics that makes people want to live their with all basic amenities for comfortable living. The same can be extended for students who wish to study in Germany for their higher education. They would want to live in a city that apart from being in close vicinity of their university but also fulfills all the conditions to enable a student to thrive.


Therefore, we prepared a short list of top 3 student cities you may choose to live in, while you study in Germany.


BERLIN: Standing at 6th position in QS world's best student cities 2017, Berlin is also the capital city. To live in Berlin as you study in Germany is experiencing the living and thriving cultural center of the country. The city is home to Germany's top 3 universities with a very high quality of life index on Numbeo!


MUNICH: Placed at 9th position in QS world's best student cities 2017, Munich is the third largest city in Germany and carries a tag of one of the most affordable cities in the country. The badge of affordability and the fact that universities here offer tuition less admissions are win win situation for Indian students to study in Germany while living in Munich. Bonus points for its great Bavarian Architecture, cultural aroma, beautiful parks and ridges!


BONN: How about living in city where the creator of world's best symphonies was born? Yes Beethoven was born in Bonn which naturally offers international students to enhance their cultural palette while they study in Germany. With a very high health index on Numbeo, Bonn offers wonderful full time and part time work opportunities as well.


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Prospects Of Higher Education To Pursue In Canada

Canada is certainly one of the best study abroad destinations that students from all around the world consider to head to when they get a calling for their higher education. Therefore in the wake of this, knowing about the various career options to pursue is always appreciated. While they are preparing to study in Canada, students must know that there are plenty of options available to take up in public/private, big/small, city/ town settings. The next thing that comes up is about choosing between a four-year institution after your secondary school, a community or technical college for first two years.


Before we jump to talking about what all courses we have, let us first know what you will be getting apart from your usual education. As we all know, distractions are always sweet. Aren't they? Canadian universities and higher education institutions organize a large number of events and parties that are so culturaly rejuvenating that you will never feel alienated in this country. There is practically no scope of feeling boredom because universities hold a lot of extra-curricular activities to showcase your talents. Apart from this, students also get free uninterrupted WiFi, daily newspapers, trending magazines and much more to keep you updated with virtually everything. While you study in Canada, an altogether different style of living combining learning with fun will surely give you a lot of memories.

Coming to the most awaited options, students have the choice to select:


1. Liberal Arts, which according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica is defined as “college or university curriculum aimed at imparting general knowledge and developing general intellectual capacities, in contrast to a professional, vocational or technical curriculum.” You can go for it in both private and public set up.


2. Public, is an instituion that gets its funding from the government of both provinces, territories or federal offering funding for financial stability. These are less expensive than its private counterpart.



3. Private, is an institution that receives its funding from alumni donations, faculty research grants and ofcourse the tuition fees. The biggest advantage of private instituions lies in its funding that allow for more resources to be available for students and faculty alike.

A Brief Insight Into Australian History

While you are busy giving shape to your dreams of pursuing higher education, your decision to study in Australia couldn't be better. The reason why we say so is solely because of the multitude of opportunities that lie ahead in your journey to this southern continent. Australia has come a long way from being just a remote and isolated country of the past. You should really see the number of foreigners mostly students coming here every year to shape their careers and future in the country.


But today we are not talking about studies, career or any other serious stuff instead we are going to look into something that is of interest to everyone at certain level- arts and culture!
The evolution of arts and culture in Australia can be attributed to that of the Aborginees, Torres Strait Islanders and the oceanic people who set the foundation for the rich cultural heritage of the continent. When you will study in Australia, regardless of the course or university, you are going to experience the art, music and a lot of festivals that will take you into a mystical journey about Australian history and culture.

To study in Australia is akin to study about its culture because it is so beautiful that you can barely miss it. There is no denying the fact that Australia today is heavily influenced by the West but the best of its art and music owes itself to that of native people. The Europeans made first recorded contact with this continent in 1606 which was followed by its colonization and formation of what we today know as Australia. Even with heavy hostility between the aborginial people and the Europeans, they managed to thrive by co-existing with each other in the same land giving birth to a unique cultural heritage for generations to come!
As an international student living to study in Australia, you will get many opportunities to explore the indigenious eco-system of the country and to travel back to about 50,000 years in past.